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Rice Cluster.


There are 70 Modern rice mills and 55 small conventional rice mills functioning in the Ernakulam district under the SSI sector. 33 modern rice mill industries in Ernakulam District have formed a consortium. The Kalady rice mills cluster is the biggest rice-producing cluster in Kerala.

  • Production of Scalable Adsorbents for heavy metal removal prepared from rice mill waste.
  • Preparation of nano-silica from rice husk ash
  • Biogas production from rice mill effluent.
  • Wastewater treatment.

  • Coir Cluster.


    Coir Board is an Indian statutory body promoting the coir industry's development, implementing schemes, and supporting research. Central Coir Research Institute is a premier research institution focused on advancing the coir sector through innovative technologies, research, and collaboration, ensuring growth and sustainability.

  • Coir geotextile
  • Life cycle assessments
  • Coir medium for hydroponics
  • Code of standards development and recommendations.

  • Agricultural Implements Consortium.


    Shoranur Agricultural Implements Consortium is a leading manufacturer and supplier of garden hand tools across Kerala. The consortium has over 250+ products covering hand, kitchen, garden, farm, and agriculture tools. It has over 150 small-scale manufacturing units. Amrita TEC has played a vital support for the consortium with reports and technology for

  • Quality Management Study
  • Salt Bath Hardening Process
  • Annealing Process

  • Waste to Wealth (Water Hyacinth).


    Water hyacinth is an invasive aquatic plant that forms dense mats on water bodies, disrupting ecosystems, reducing oxygen levels, causing biodiversity loss, hindering water flow, impeding navigation, and impacting irrigation and recreational activities. Its rapid growth poses significant environmental challenges.

  • Value addition
  • Shell life improvement
  • Process acceleration

  • Cashew Cluster.


    The cashew processing industry in India is clustered around the Kollam region in Kerala, which is traditionally known as the global cashew trading capital. Amrita TEC has been crucial in transforming traditional processing with technologically advanced methods.

  • Cashew cutting machine
  • Technology adoption study
  • Cashew sorter

  • Plywood Consortium.


    In Kerala, the plywood industry is primarily concentrated in regions like Perumbavoor, Kannur, and Kollam. Kerala's plywood industry is known for its quality products, catering to domestic and international markets. Amrita TEC has deployed SMART Ply for stringent quality monitoring and control suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Automation
  • Quality Control
  • Remote Monitoring

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